Changes in the Google Search for Android – Personal Data is no Longer shown in the Search

Every Android smartphone has a search widget on its home screen from where users can search almost anything they want. It shows the results from Google along with account and personal data in the device. However, that is no longer the case.

Google has started to omit the personal and account data from the Google Search app, hence, hiding the personal results when the user Search for anything.

The change in the Google search widget was detected by the Android Police. They saw a change in the behavior of Google search. In the past, if a person wanted to search for a contact in their phone, they could do so through this search widget – but, not anymore. It does not show the results from personal data anymore.

Google has not abruptly removed everything, but they are on it. Even the autocomplete page is losing the search results from personal data. It can be identified from Google’s support page thread on deliberately removing contact results from search as people were not using it much.

However, they are removing almost all the private data from search results now. Even the third-party apps connected with this widget are facing issues.

Although Google is slowing removing all of them, some of the personal results are still visible. For instance, if you search for a contact, you will see a card mixed in with the search results of the contact. Similar is the case with Gmail and others.

Google has not given any proper statement on the removal of this feature except for people not using it much. Google searches now require the internet; whereas, users were able to search personal data without the internet before. Let’s see what good it will bring to people!

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