Google will be launching another Incognito mode for one of its apps

During an I/O developer conference in May, Google released some insight on this feature and for Android users, it is already available in Google Maps.

Recently, Google just announced that after the successful launch of Incognito mode for Android users, now the tech giant will be rolling out Incognito mode in Google Maps for iOS users.

Google Maps is a revolutionary product through its services you can find any location so easily and the updated technology makes it all easy to navigate on the app. Even though with this product, you can navigate around any part of the world but sometimes people go to places where they don’t want others to know about. Just like kids going to a party and not wanting their parents to know about it but if they search for the location through Google Maps the system will automatically save the data on their Google account but that is about to change now.

The Incognito mode in Google Maps will pretty much work the same as it does in the Google Chrome Browser. Whenever user will turn on the Incognito mode the can search for a location or navigate to a place they want to but Google won’t save the information on the user’s Google account. To turn on this feature, you need to click on your profile picture in the search bar and click on the option of ‘Turn on incognito mode’

Google Maps is not the only app with an Incognito mode. After digging into other Google apps, Google Chrome also has its own Incognito mode where users can easily search for websites without saving their data on their Google accounts. Similarly, in 2018 Google launched Incognito mode for the Android users of the YouTube app.

Even though people like to update themselves according to the evolving technology but despite the change in user interest, one thing that never changed was the preference of privacy by users. The Incognito modes give users the option of having more privacy over the content they search for if they prefer the use of Google apps through the mobile web.

Google always tries to bring out new updates every once in a while to remove any minor issues faced by its users. The tech giant always attempts to make the experience of its users worthwhile by providing unique services.

According to the announcement by Google, it will be launching a new feature for Android users to delete information from their Google maps timeline and location history in bulk amount. This feature is expected to roll out next month and with this feature, it seems that now Android users will be able to delete places and locations in bulk just by selecting the locations they want to remove, and delete it all together in one single tap. We are really excited about this new feature and hopefully, it will be launched for iOS users as well.

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