YouTube CEO continues to stand by its search engine's recommendation system – despite the ongoing criticism

YouTube has been facing a lot of scrutinies lately – mainly for posting content that spreads false information and exploiting children with inappropriate videos.

Now the critics are at it again and this time targeting the video streaming network’s recommendation protocol, that uses algorithms to suggest user’s new content of their interest.

However, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki brushes off all the criticism and defends its recommendation system. In fact, at a recent interview with CBS 60 Minutes, she said that it is impossible for them to manually review each piece of content that is uploaded on their platform.

She agrees that the system may be confusing for many as people assume that it will lead them to objectionable content. However, the company is constantly working on ways to improve the system and filter out the inappropriate content from its database.

Unfortunately, the system has always been scrutinized – and somewhat for the right reasons.

Just recently, YouTube was condemned for enabling a ‘softcore pedophilia ring’ through this system. This was uncovered by a YouTuber named Matt Watson who said that the pedophiles entered the YouTube videos through a ‘wormhole’ and posted links to other videos in the comments that included sexually suggestive content. The algorithms captured this automatically and suggested similar videos to the innocent users.

The company is also trying to get over the hubbub created after the 2016 US presidential election where agents used their platform along with Facebook and Twitter to spread false information about the election candidates.

Wojcicki says that since they have an open platform that allows anyone with an internet connection to upload a video – filtering has become a challenge. But she is certain that the task is not impossible and the company will find a way to pass this hurdle soon as well!

Photo: Kimberly White / Getty

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