YouTube Gaming Creators Can Now Include Violence without Getting Age-Restricted

YouTube’s latest policy update will let creators upload violent gaming videos without automatically age-restricting them.

As the policy for other scripted entertainment like TV and Films, the policy for gaming is much similar. In the future, if a gaming video has scripted or simulated violence, it will be approved automatically without any age-gate restriction.

It means anyone can view those videos and there will be no demand for a user to login and prove themselves to be above 18. In case, extreme violence is shown in a video, as a fishing move in Mortal Kombat, age-gate might be applied to it.

Though the violence in gaming videos will have fewer restrictions but the platform will continue to save the audience from the violence of the real-world, says YouTube.

The new policy will not change the guidelines for advertisers. If there is a video that is according to YouTube standards but if is too violent for advertisers, it might be demonetized. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube showed concern for it, especially when AdSense of YouTube is their only mean of learning.

She wrote in a letter to creators that the company is looking for advertisers that might be up for such content so the creators can be matched with advertisers who are ready to fit their ads in it.

Many of the YouTubers are speaking up against the advertising system of the platform. According to many gaming YouTubers, only family-friendly videos like Minecraft or Fornite get ads.

One of the YouTube creators, Matthew Patrick asked the CEO of YouTube about the ongoing monetization issue. She responded saying advertisers are keener towards content that is less sensitive or controversial. Advertisers are not yet fully familiar with the new gaming area, thus the company is planning to spend on advertisers to tell them more about it.

YouTube Gaming Creators Can Now Include Violence without Getting Age-Restricted

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