Windows 7 Is About To Receive Its Last Update From Microsoft. Here’s How to Switch to Windows 10 For Free

Windows 7 users need to upgrade to newer version as soon as possible as with every passing day, several devices using the operating system of 2009 are being declined.

January 14, 2020 is the first Patch Tuesday cycle of the year and the Windows 7 last update will be rolled out on that day. After this, there will be no update for Windows 7 and all the vulnerabilities and security issues will be left unpatched.

The newer version of Windows and Windows 7 have many similar components, meaning if one version gets any vulnerability, it is very much likely that the other will have it too. Thus, there are more chances that Windows 7 will be exposed to attacks.

Though the support for Windows 7 is ending but still other security measures can be taken to avoid common attacks that can exploit the Operating system vulnerabilities. Like an updated antivirus can protect against malware where firewall can save from the attacks of malicious activities.

A third party data shows that there are several devices using Windows 7 and many of them will probably skip the upgrade deadline of January 14.

According to NetMarketShare, in October the market shares of Windows 10 jumped to 54.30% while Windows 7 shares dropped to 26.94%. If the weakening trend is maintained, there are chances that Windows 7 will be used on 20% of the devices in the world, by January 14 deadline.

Microsoft is urging users to upgrade to Windows 10 but Windows 7 user have other options to upgrade to that still receive updates.

Like users can switch to Windows 8.1 that will receive security updates. However, in the long term, Windows 10 will be getting more features as it will be in focus and Microsoft will work on this version more.

Linux is another option that users can switch to. Some consider that Linux is not as user-friendly as Windows but recently it has made more progress. Linux Mint, for example, is much like Windows and it is not long before users switching from Windows to Linux will feel similar to it.

Also, macOS can be considered as well but it can be a bit costly for albeit users. For Apple’s macOS, new hardware are required which can be a bit expensive. But some of the companies choose moving to mac instead of upgrading to other versions of Windows ().

Despite everything, many of the users will continue using the Windows 7 while Microsoft will keep recommending to move to Windows 10. The transition is expected to be slower and time taking.

Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

One of the major reason that users are not switching to original Windows 10 OS is that it will cost around $139 to $309. In 2016, Microsoft offered to switch to latest version for free but offer ended, however company never fixed the Media Creation Tool (MCT) loophole that is exploited by many over the years.

If you also want to upgrade for free, you can use the Media Creation tool to activate Windows 10 installation without any problem.

Back-up your data properly and easily move to latest version without losing anything, before Microsoft take action against loophole.

Windows 7 Is About To Receive Its Last Update From Microsoft. Here’s How to Switch to Windows 10
Photo: Reuters/Bobby Yip

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