RCS Rollout Can Potentially Cause Security Breaches

If you want to send a message over your telecom network rather than the internet, you would probably end up sending an SMS. However, with so many different aspects of the way we communicate with one another changing on a regular basis, it’s fair to say that it’s high time for a change, and that is exactly what is happening.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is the new form of SMS, an updated messaging system that will support things like read receipts and typing notifications. These are things that will bring text messaging on par with internet based communications, and it is meant to standardize the platform so that all tech companies can utilize it and provide it to their various customers.

However, one major problem that is occurring with the rollout of this new kind of text messaging is that it is creating security issues, this is according to SRLabs. Data packets that will allow you to update your messaging app and make it compatible with RCS can be intercepted by apps, and this could potentially allow them to gain access to your log in details. This is particularly dangerous because of the fact that a lot of people use the same log in details for multiple accounts, so if one account is compromised all of them could potentially end up being compromised.

Researchers have tried to get around this by sending six digit verification codes for the updates, but malicious actors have been found to be able to figure this code out quite easily using brute force tactics.

Active RCS deployments span 67 countries, a couple more are conducting trials

"SRLabs researchers found that a range of different hacking attacks is possible against some RCS deployments. While not all vulnerabilities apply to all networks, these include:"

How secure is RCS?

It is important to update the various communication and networking platforms we have so that we can end up optimizing them, but the problem with this is that it needs to be happen safely without compromising user security, something that should always be a big priority.

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