Windows 10 Mail App Is Showing Ads And You Cannot Remove Them

Previously the official Mail app for Windows showed banners but now the company is finding other ways to display ads.

According to Microsoft, the original ad displayed for insiders as a test but in the new version, it is displayed everywhere on the Mail app. Along with insiders, non-insider devices like production machines are also included in it. The ads can be seen even on the stable version of Windows 10 version 1909.

The banner is placed in the left sidebar of the screen and asks users to download the free Outlook app, “Get the free Outlook app on your phone”. The ad is displayed to everyone, whether they have already installed the app and configured their emails or not.

The ad is shown for Outlook and Gmail accounts both, irrespective of which Mail you have configured on your device.

When the ad is clicked, it redirects users to a page where they are instructed to download the Outlook app on their phones.

As reported by MSPU, users cannot remove the banner ad but Microsoft asks users to leave their feedback about it. The company said ads will be displayed irrespective of which email address has been logged in, the suggestions can be submitted in the Feedback Hun on Windows 10 by going to this page.

It is expected that many would not approve ads in their Mail app but the point to be noticed is whether Microsoft would consider removing it from the app or not.

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