Facebook has Already Started Rolling out the New "Discuss with Friends" Feature!

The thing about Facebook is that it always keeps on evolving and rolling out new features to maintain user engagement. On the most successful social networking platform, users can message each other, share stuff, upload original content, comment on each other’s statuses and whatnot! Still, it always remains on the hunt for something new.

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new feature titled “Discuss with Friends”. It can be found listed among the “Create Post” options. What it does is that it allows a user to start a discussion with their friends on any topic of their interest.

Then, any of their friends can chime in the discussion by tapping on the “Join Discussion” button. As the logo on button suggests, it will direct the uploader's friends to a Messenger group conversation dedicated to the topic of discussion.

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Social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about this feature. He himself got the tip from Twitter user and Tech geek Moshe Isaacian.

To be fair, “Discuss with Friends” is an interesting feature and will surely lure in a decent amount of Facebook users to try it. The feature has already started to roll out. In case you are not able to spot it yet, then make sure that your Facebook App is updated to its latest version. Also, it could be that the roll-out process is slow or the feature is not ready for a general release yet.

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