Is Microsoft really more ethical than Facebook, Google, and Apple?

According to a recent study published by Just Capital, Microsoft is found to be the most ethical company in the USA as compared to competitors. Microsoft is ranked as more ethical based on polling American consumers and also taking a deep look at how these different tech companies serve their workers, customers, communities, and shareholders as well.

According to the recent polling of American consumers, Microsoft topped the list and after Microsoft followed NVIDIA, Apple, Intel, Salesforce and Google’s Alphabet ranked 6th in the list whereas Facebook ranked 149th in the list.

The survey took place in the following categories and here’s what Microsoft ranked.

Serving Communities

Microsoft ranked 13th overall and first in the tech industry as the platform that never violates human rights and always points out the negative impacts itself. Every year, Microsoft publishes its annual Human Rights Report which displays all the progress made in this area. Microsoft donated more than 1.4 billion to non-profits in the whole world and along with that this tech company also promoting the strong culture of employee giving by giving donations up to $15,000 per year and also giving more than $25 per hour to employee volunteer. So if you take a look at the Microsoft employees in partnership with the matching gift policy of the company- Microsoft donated more than $163 million in 2018 supporting around 21,785 non-profit schools worldwide.

Ranking in terms of working with workers

In this category, Microsoft ranked 3rd overall and ranked 2nd in the tech industry. According to the published survey, Microsoft is providing the highest disclosure to people on its workforce demographics. Microsoft is a part of more than 4% of companies in the Russel 1000 that share detailed insight about workers based on their occupation, ethnicity, and gender. The transparency provided by the tech giant is just one of the many steps taken by Microsoft to increasing diversity. Microsoft collaborated with several high schools to provide a program to help develop a comprehensive computer science program and over the life span of the last 5 years more than 30% of programs introduced by Microsoft had participants’ girls and even 3% of them belonged to an ethnic minority.

Microsoft’s workings in Environment

In this category, Microsoft ranked 9th overall and 2nd in its industry. Since 2012, Microsoft maintained 100% carbon neutrality in all of its global operations due to its carbon fee programs. Around more than seven years ago Microsoft launched its internal per-metric-ton tax on all of the carbon emissions of companies. In 2019, this tech company increased the fee to $15 per metric ton and also launched some new commitments involving the establishment of zero-carbon campuses in the Seattle Area.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why Microsoft topped all other tech companies in the list and the categories explain it all. Microsoft has been helping so many communities and industries and even the environment in so many different ways than we even know.

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