WhatsApp's New Loading Screen is being Bashed Left and Right; Users Tweet their Reasons!

Back in February 2014, Facebook bought one of the most popular messaging services WhatsApp for a whopping $19.3 billion. Even after owning it for nearly 6 years, the Social media giant hasn’t interfered too much with WhatsApp… until now.

A few days ago, a new loading screen was unveiled by WhatsApp and the users do not have positive things to say about it.

The loading screen in question appears after users launch the app and it features a giant WhatsApp logo in the center with a label “from Facebook” underneath it. Moreover, it now takes the messaging App comparatively longer to load.

Several users have been tweeting against this change and questioning its purpose since it was implemented. A few have also threatened to delete the app as the term “Facebook” infuriates them. A number of interesting tweets have appeared over the last few days and we can guarantee that the rants won’t be stopping anytime soon.

A user said that people are better off not being reminded about Facebook’s association with WhatsApp.

Facebook has yet to issue any comment on this situation and whether it will consider removing the loading screen in the near future or not.

A major reason behind WhatsApp’s success is that all messages exchanged over the app are encrypted using transit. And with Facebook’s dark history followed by its name appearing on WhatsApp’s loading screen all of a sudden, people might start showing security and privacy concerns while using WhatsApp.

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