Instagram to Start Categorizing Accounts You Follow

If you are an Instagram user, chances are that you have been using it for quite some time now. Over the years you have probably followed all kinds of accounts, from people that you personally know to celebrities that you wanted to follow to meme accounts that you have followed simply because of the fact that they make you laugh and you find them to be rather entertaining. However, what this means is that your list of accounts that you follow is probably going to be very jumbled up indeed, so much so that you won’t be able to tell which account is which.

A new feature that Instagram is currently testing out involves the categorization of accounts. Separating them into categories will definitely make it easier for you to sort through them all in all, and so far the categories that have been seen during this test include categories like accounts you interact with the least and the ones you interact with the most. This in and of itself is probably going to be useful since seeing the accounts you interact with most often in a single list is the kind of thing that would allow you to really decrease your interactions with accounts that you might not be all that interested in.

Chances are that this is only the beginning, and we will see a lot more account categories that you can sort the accounts you follow into. There is also a chance that we might start seeing separate feeds as well, all of which are probably really going to improve the quality of your overall timeline and enable you to look at the kind of content that you feel like checking out at any given point in time without having to scroll through content that you’re not all that interested in at present.

Instagram to Start Categorizing Accounts You Follow

Hat Tip: MattNavarra and @PetarKashev.

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