What did you search for in 2019? Google presents this year’s top searches

Why is the sky blue?

Who won the European elections?

What is the time in California now?

What color should I use in combination with aqua?

And so forth!

During the course of the day, we ask Google multiple questions – sometimes necessary and many times just for fun! However, most of them are forgotten by the end of the day!

But do you know Google remembers them all and keeps all data secured in its cloud.

And for nostalgia’s sake, Google is bringing a 2-minute video that showcases some of the most popular searches of the past year.

This year the theme is ‘heroes’ and the video opens us with various scenes featuring the coast guards, females, NASA discoveries, Game of Thrones, trending images of dads, soldiers, and much more.

Besides giving you a recap of the past year, the video creates an emotional impact – and you may not be able to get through the video without crying your eyes out. Especially the scene with the soldiers coming home along with the soulful music will definitely have you sobbing on the desk.

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