Study Reports Higher Engagement for Business Listing in Search Results

A big part of the business model of a search engine has to do with giving visibility to another business. For example, if you have opened up a pizza place you would ideally want to try and get as many people to visit this place as possible. Now, you can put up ads and spread flyers all you want, but chances are that the first thing someone would do when they hear about a new place is search for it on Google.

Hence, you would want to get your business listed on Google as soon as possible, but it’s fair to say that the benefits of doing so have been more or less up in the air until now. A new report published by Yext has analyzed trends going into the year 2020, and it turns out that these trends are moving in favor of businesses that have listed their enterprises on Google.

It turns out that more people are engaging with business listings than ever before. This means that there actually is a concrete benefit of listing your business on Search engines. However, there is another piece of information that you should be taking into account, and it has to do with the reason behind engagement increasing for business listings in search results.
"Consumer actions in search [results] grew faster (17 percent) than search impressions of business listings (10 percent) over the year.", explained Yext team in a blog post. Adding further, "Consumers are leaving more reviews about businesses. Review count per business location grew 27 percent over the year."
The main reason is that businesses have started responding to queries and engagement on their listings a lot more often. What used to happen before was that a user would engage by leaving a question or a complaint but businesses rarely responded which led to it looking like a waste of time. Now that more businesses are responding, users have become more likely to take advantage of this. Hence, if you want your business to succeed it is essential that you respond to user engagement on your business listing as soon as possible.

This chart highlights what consumers are looking for throughout the year in search results.

Search Trends 2020: What Customers Are Looking for Throughout the Year

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