Google Chrome Browser Update Lets You Preview Tabs, Send Content to Smartphones

It’s fair to say that for the most part Google Chrome is the undisputed king of web browsers. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it has really maximized the very concept of web browsing, but at the same time it’s important to realize that a lot of it has to do with the fact that Google in general tends to have a very large presence on the internet. This means that Google Chrome is not necessarily the best of the best, and this can be seen when you realize that not all of the features that other browsers have are present on Chrome.

One big example of this is the preview tab feature. This feature, as spotted by a Reddit user, is meant to make it easier for you to see what a new tab is going to have on it so you can decide on whether or not you want to use this tab in the first place. This feature has been available on Microsoft Edge for quite some time now, but it seems like Google has finally gotten the message and will be rolling this feature out for Chrome pretty soon.

Video: 9to5google.

Another feature that is coming to Chrome has to do with send content from your computer to your smartphone. You can do this by searching clipboard on chrome://flags page, and by enabling all three flags (mention in below screenshot) and then restarting Chrome. After this you will see an option to send text to your smartphone in the context menu. This can make it easier for you to send content and messages back and forth between your devices, something that can prove to be particularly useful when you look at it in the context of research and note taking. University students and journalists are definitely going to enjoy using this feature quite a bit.

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