There might soon be a QR code-based page sharing feature on Google Chrome

If you take a look at the technology a few years back and the technology we use nowadays, you’ll see an evolution of products within the past few years. The interests of people in technology evolve way faster than the changing seasons and to avail this opportunity and to attract potential customer different companies try to provide versatile services to its followers. Currently, there are so many companies working on a variety of new projects and all aimed to bring ease and comfort in the life of its users.

New QR code-based page soon to be launched in Google

Google Chrome is expected to be working on a QR code-based page that will feature the offline dino.

Almost in majority of the apps and digital services you’ll see QR codes as a common feature, you’ll see the use of QR codes into setting up some two-factor authentication and in social media app (such as Snapchat) so that you can share those QR codes with friends on other platforms to follow your accounts. Google Chrome is also seizing QR codes opportunity and is expected to roll out this feature to allow users to share the web pages with others. The feature was spotted in the Chrome Canary and the best part is these QR codes will also be featuring a Chrome dino.

The folks at Techdows were the ones who discovered this new feature in Chrome Canary (version 81.0.3990.0), named ‘Enable sharing page via QR code’ and it was hidden in a recent build of an experimental flag, and can be accessed by pasting this flag in address bar chrome://flags/#sharing-qr-code-generator. When you enable this feature it will add a new option named as ‘Generate QR code for this page’ to the right-click menu and a shortcut of the address bar will also be added after enabling it.

Well, currently it is non-functional and not expected to work anytime soon but according to the relevant items on the Chromium bug tracker this QR code feature is currently under active development.


For majority of the Chrome users, this new feature will seem pretty relevant to already existing cross-device history sync and even some people will find the previous features like ‘Send this page’ more simpler solution as compared to QR codes but if you look at the updating technology, QR codes are the future as they can be used to share links via static and real-world content as well and along with this the dino could also serve as the easy and best indicator regarding the response of embedded material to a web address. Google is known for its unique services to its users and we are really forward to this new feature as it is something that we all will find more convenient with time.

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