Face Swapping Memes: Snapchat Prepares to Launch Exciting New “Cameo” Feature

Deepfakes is one of the most unnerving pieces of technology in the world today, and a big part of the reason why people find it to be so unsettling has to do with the fact that it can end up creating a fake video of you that no one would be able to tell as a fake. However, not all instances of your face being used in place of someone else’s in a video are so scary. In fact, Snapchat’s latest feature (as spotted by some users) may just be an example of you being able to use such a tech in a way that is funny, entertaining and can also help you describe certain emotions in a relatively easy way all in all.

The new feature that we are talking about here is called “Cameo”, and it is definitely going to prove to be quite a big deal. The way this new feature works is that you will take a selfie and then your face from this selfie would become available for you to stitch on to videos of other people as well as create gifs that look like they feature you instead of someone else.

The feature is currently being tested out in France with a wider rollout planned before 2020, and it’s fair to say that Snapchat’s userbase is definitely going to end up enjoying the use of this feature by a pretty significant amount all in all. The best usage for this kind of feature would be in Snapchat messages, and the intended usage probably involves something similar to what bitmojis are currently used for. Overall this is probably going to make Snapchat more fun to use and could potentially end up drawing some new users in for the platform as well.

Screenshot: Jeff Higgins / Twitter.

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