Rejoice, Community Managers! Facebook is rolling out a new feature specifically aimed at Groups

Conversations are now shifting to more enclosed spaces where users feel free to discuss their thoughts and beliefs among others without the need of sharing the same connections. In 2019, Facebook aimed to focus on bigger groups to maximize the engagement of users in such groups but also hide controversial posts in private areas.

Facebook’s focus on the groups displays that these group activities are on the rise and the new tools provided by Facebook will help the admins manage their groups more easily and quickly as compared to the past.

Facebook is introducing a version of a new automatic member approval option for groups so that the group management can spend more time on other activities too.

This new feature is all meant to bring ease for the group admins so that they don’t have to worry about being active all day to approve or reject group join requests.

With this new feature, group admins can now set up a variety of four requirements for the approval of automated membership as compared to manually checking and approving the requests.

To help maintain a certain amount of control over the incoming member requests even though not directly approved by admins this new feature comes in handy as it can’t display any sort of human mistakes and can’t be cheated as they’re not manually entered.

When you have thousands of user requests joining every day and as your group grows so does your management tasks and admin requirements too. The approval of member requests can become unbearable to manage with the overwhelming response so this new feature is a really good solution for these kinds of situations with automated tools like these can take a lot of the pressure off from the admins while increasing the engagement of the users.

The new option ‘Suggested Moderator’ can come really handy when too many requests stack up as it can highlight the active members that can help as good assistants in such situations.

If you are an admin tired of approving member requests manually here’s how you can set up automatic approvals:

· From a desktop computer, select the option ‘Moderate Group’

· Click on the option ‘Automatically Approve Members’

· To set up membership requirements you can follow the instructions

For automated approval option, admins can require the following information from the applicants

· Considering the completion of all the membership questions as a must

· Live within the specified city or region provided by the admins

· Request only to be approved of people with friends as a current member of the group.

· Only more than year-old active profiles to be approved.

To edit the membership requirements, groups can return to this screen anytime they want to modify the group automated approval policies.

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