Facebook Pushes Mentorship Feature to More Users

Facebook has been focusing quite a bit on its Groups feature, mostly because of the fact that this section was more or less in line with the kind of community-centric message that Facebook was ideally trying to propagate. One of the numerous additions that it made to its Groups was the Mentorship feature. This was basically a platform that people could use to connect with one another in situations where they need help with something or they have expertise that they want to try and share with other people that might benefit from it.

It turns out that Facebook is now launching Mentorship as its own separate feature. According to Matt Navarra, Mentorship will have its own tab along with popular features such as “Memories” and “Jobs”, and this will help the feature to become a lot more prominent than it might have been otherwise. Mentorship has turned out to be quite a popular feature, and for good reason. Everyone needs help when they are trying to learn about something, and since there are so many experts in the world who would be trying to spread the information they know as much as possible it’s fair to say that this is actually a match made in heaven.

The mentorship opportunities would be divided by category which will make it easier for you to zero in on whatever kind of mentorship you are looking to take advantage of. This also indicates that Groups may be a testing ground for Facebook, a place where the social media platform can figure out whether or not a feature that they are working on would actually be worth rolling out based on how the various users that see it respond to it. It also indicates that Facebook is going to continue branching out to a wider variety of social media opportunities that people can take advantage of.

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