Referral Email Marketing Best Practices [Sponsored Post]

Nowadays, email has become a new media to share everything with. It isn't used only during work to send and receive instruction or document. It has become an essential tool to involve and invite the customer to new offers. Talkable's email conversation is a great channel to promote, share new products to customers. But usually, if you have the same offer or promotion sent by email or mentioned on Facebook, you will probably follow the Facebook link.

This because Facebook is a channel born with the purpose of sharing; the email doesn't. For this reason, it is fundamental to choose the best channel to share the product. And the right advocate to reduce customer's resistance. This will increase advocacy rates.

Several tricks can improve your mail, such as personalized subject lines, body copy, good design, and clear call-to-action buttons. The best strategy is to send a dedicated email to a specific customer's target, once per quarter to analyze and drive their engagement.

Successful Referral Email Tips:

Choose the Right List

As email marketing isn't a standard tool, it is necessary to create a list of customers to send the information. This is a fundamental action to create the best strategy, according to Lyris Inc. The customer list is made by analyzing a specific segment and target. The result is a list of loyal customers, the type of person who will purchase most of your product. This analysis allows for sending specific emails to specific customers. Those emails won't be sent to the spam folder, but they will be read. The result is that you won't be ignored.

Write Attractive Subject Lines

Creating an engaging text by using the right words and languages will improve your success. Also, the subject should be interesting, new, and different from other emails to attract customer's attention. Something that he doesn't expect to read in an email. There are some programs and tools that will test your email potential and readability, one of the most famous is –°oschedule's subject line tester. It is fundamental to analyze the client's orientation by using the A/B testing easy process and the best results.

Not only words and languages, but personalization will improve and boost your effective rates by 20%. Here are some examples:

Congrats! You've earned 25% off at Talkable

A surprise gift from your friend John!

Important! 25% off from your friend John

And the most important is to make them mobile-friendly.

Next to language and personalization, it is necessary to consider the number of characters per line on different devices. A typical mailbox usually has up to 60 characters, while on mobile devices, there are only 25 up to 30 characters. Your email has to remain easy to read on every device, and it is mandatory to avoid and chance email longer than 60 characters.

By respecting these standards, you have nothing to worry about your email's success. It is only necessary to reduce the text to create the best mobile-friendly line, so try to get to the point in 6 or 8 words.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Another simple but effective trick you can use to create the best email is to introduce a sense of urgency. Customer well understands the importance, in case they love a specific product and they won't want to miss it out. In this case, FOMO (fear of mission out) plays the golden role to every marketer. Plus, it is fundamental to create the best collaboration, you want to sell the product and earn money, and the customer wants to spend the less and get the more.

To improve this relationship and results, there are specific catch urgency phrases:

[Urgent] One day left to get your 25%!

You're missing out on an excellent deal!

Uh-oh! Your discount is expiring!

Hurry! Get 25% off from your friend John

Nobody wants to be left behind.

Be Personable

It is mandatory, to be honest with your customers about your business. It is necessary to engage them with your discount. As this isn't always a smooth action, James Allen, a luxury diamond engages ting merchant, made a three steps strategy. This technique emphasizes the benefits the advocates get for their recommendation.

Write Amazing Email Body Copy

Talkable's Customer Success Managers suggest placing your most important information in the first or second sentence. Plus, using the copywriting trick of the inverted pyramid model, you will increase success.

The inverted pyramid writing style is a particular copywriting technique. The text starts with the conclusion, then it moves on to supporting details, and it ends with general information. The critical part is to write concise and short phrases.

That's what Blurb, a self-publishing service, did while creating their referral emails: starting with the conclusion immediately shows the reward for the advocate and their friend show with attractive visuals. This technique allows specific communication between advocate and their friends. By cooperating, both of the parts get rewarded. Once advocates and friends are connected, then they give the recipient a few details to motivate them to click on the button.

Using simple sentences with one topic each will make everything easy and effective. In fact, by using this method, your text becomes easy to read and understand. Plus, as the text is simple, it will be easier for your readers to remember the information and the message. Another tip is to avoid using jargon. Don't use new words if your segment doesn't know them. They don't want wasting time to decode something, be specific and straightforward.

Choosing the right person is fundamental to the best language in the text. For this reason, you can use the copywriting trick 80-20 rule. This rule consists of using the second person 80% of the time and the first person only for 20%.

The usage of the second person points out the best perspective and speaks directly to the customer instead of the first person. The second person keeps the users connected to the text, plus it keeps you away from directly talking about yourself.

Add an Incentive

It is necessary to place the customer in the center. The customer helps you by buying your product. For this reason, you have to thank him. By showing your attention, gratitude, and respect, the customer is involved in buying again. This can also lead to sharing this experience with his friends. This simple action will increase your business.

Plus, you can motivate loyal customers offering them specific and personalized incentives.

An effective example is made by Framebridge, a startup company in the custom framing industry. They decided in a pretty allegorical to frame their referrals with a catchy 20-20 offer.

Use Call-to-Action Buttons That Convert

Our experts suggest including next to an engaging text the so-called call-to-action button. This tool looks like big buttons; by clicking on it, the customer is redirected to a specific link for a particular purpose. For this reason, it is necessary to find out the specific action the client wants to make.

Here are some examples of great CTAs:

Get my 20%

Shop now

Start shopping

Find my shoes

Invite my friend

Create a Referral Schedule

Scheduling email is an important step that will affect everything. Taking the best decision about when, why, and whom of the mail changes everything. As time is always chaotic, it is suggested to create a calendar to pre-schedule seasonal companies, so you will be ready when the time comes. Usually, holiday periods drive everyone crazy, but some companies have learned how to handle it very well.

The most successful are rich with emotions able to touch the deepest side of your heart and mind. An effective example is Pandora's strategy. By sending a simple share-the-love email with a discount code for a charm for your mom.

These small things make everything better, evoking instinct and desire like love or be a part of something in the world. By using these techniques and paying attention to the customer's feelings, the companies show their human side. This is the exact moment when referral marketing campaigns are more human than money-oriented.

Talkable Email Benchmarks

A customer survey reveals that emails have higher open and click rates than the normal average. A MailChimp study found that marketing emails have a 16.48% open rate and a 1.74% click-through rate. But Talkable customers' open rate is 57.1%, and their average click-through rate is 36.4%.

Writing an attractive and engaging email takes a lot of time and attention to small details. However, if you can create a strong text, then your referral marketing campaign will bring it new potential. Customers will come to visit more and more your page and claim what's new on it. To reach the best results, first, you need to find the perfect topic that can involve readers. Then you can enrich the message, personalize it, and create a sense of urgency. Once you write a good email, copy it, and use CTAs. To improve your abilities, you can follow Talkable's referral email best practices to get even better results from your refer-a-friend campaigns!

This post is sponsored by Talkable, a platform that helps great companies grow via performing referral marketing.

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