You are being tracked 24/7 by many applications and there’s nothing you can do about it

There are so many apps that are tracking the location of users and it’s completely legal.

A new assessment revealed by The New York Times displays that several apps are tailing its users constantly with their phone locations switched on.

This new revelation by NYT was made possible by looking at data of more than 50 billion zones ‘pings’ from the phones of more than 12 million Americans. The data assessed were of years 2016-2017 and the results this Times Privacy Project game plan displayed were disturbing.

A variety of applications that can work well without the need of precise time zones of its users, are still collecting location data to sell it to highest bidder.

The zone data shared by such apps can be used to monitor activities of delegates and it can be used to stalk well-known individuals.

As there is no security law around this, which means that this data information can be assembled by these apps and they can also sell this data to various companies too.

Without proper security law, the data collected by these companies can be used by various third-parties to target specified users and this is something that is worrying everyone.

According to Stuart Thompson, the report by New York Times is an attempt by the firm to fight for government laws and for congress to take notice of this issue and research about it too.

Thompson also talked about the importance of this new assessment as for now, these companies aren’t violating any laws because laws for such activities don’t exist for now.

If anyone can get access to territory information it can be used to monitor the daily activities of a person without them even knowing it. With this information, you can get access insight including their drive from work to home and all pretty accurate due to the longitudinal geo-location information which is pretty difficult to anonymize.

The article by The New York Times reveals that a variety of associations profiting through this data and it also names some associations including Foursquare, Factual, Unacast, Teemo and many more.

This tracking of users is a new advancement in the market of mobile phones and apps and can be used to catch the data for centered publicizing.

There are a variety of ways that you can use to secure yourself from being tracked by such apps as you can turn off the territory benefits of such apps, but with location feature turned off it can also mean you won’t be able to use some key features like scanning for direction with Google Maps.

Thompson explained that usually people don’t have the foggiest thought about their locations being tracked by such apps so people should review their applications in order to figure out about the apps tracking their locations so that they can stop them by turning off such services.

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