YouTube Web Will Soon Have Voice Search Feature

The majority of the people do not prefer using voice to search for anything on the web, but in several situations, it can be useful, there almost every mobile app is adding this feature. Other than mobile apps, many companies are also trying to enable voice search on their web as well. YouTube, a Google-owned video platform is one of the companies that is working on this feature.

According to renowned reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, YouTube is working to add voice search features into their web so users can use their voices to search on the site. Beside the search box, a microphone icon will be shown. After you click the icon, it will catch your voice command and show you the relevant results.

Currently, the voice search feature is available on both Android and iOS YouTube app, but soon the web version will also have it.

Right now the feature is in the testing phase and there is no timeline as to when it will be rolled out. However, it will take a while before users can voice search on the YouTube web.

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