There’s a new AI-based system that might change the results of Google Search forever

To bring comfort and ease in our lives, we are looking at a world full of automated work flows and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it is something we all want right?

The Google Search Engine changes the concept of search forever for its users. From looking for some new trending lipstick colors to looking for exotic places nearby, people rely on Google Search for almost everything. Now with Google Search, we can get hundreds of results and recommendations for the product or place we’re looking for and all within a few seconds.

To engage with a variety of new users and to make the platform interesting for the existing users Google always attempts to bring out various updates and tweaks some Search algorithms in order to improve the accuracy of the search results. With the world moving more towards technology, every person wants to save time and prefers to do the majority of the tasks from the smartphones while sitting at home.

The AI Neural Matching

Google Search will be now more improved and provide more efficient results at finding the local places with the neural matching. Google always tries to bring new updates to improve the usability for its users and the latest change is aiming to improve the local search results of Google by leveraging an AI-based system also known as neural matching.

To provide more efficient and accurate results, Google starting using the neural matching concept in 2018 and this super-synonym system can bring out the results more efficiently even if the search query does not include the exact phrase of the location you’re looking for. The concept of neural matching is to help the Google operators understand that if the search includes phrases like why does my ‘TV look strange’ this concept is related to ‘the soap opera effect’ and the results can return the pages including soap operate effect even if the exact words were not used in the search. After testing it out, Google is now applying this AI system to its local search results or the queries that include the location to surface nearby businesses or places to the user.

Early last month, Google search started leveraging the tech as a part its November Local Search Update and it is now rolled out completely. With this system, searchers should be enabled to find relevant places easily even if they don’t have a particular type of business in mind. This new update by Google aims to provide search results to users to understand the intention behind the search and not just what the user typed. The use of neural matching in the search is aimed by Google to provide more efficient results beyond the exact words in the business name or description to understand the concept of how it can be related to the words used by searchers and use it to find the intended results. Google will not be offering any guidance for businesses beyond the existing basic tips.

Other updates by Google

Along with the launch of a neural system, Google search can now let users to practice pronunciations and even add visuals to definitions as well. Google Search now also tests sidebar with subtopics on the desktop web.

Photo: AP /Jeff Chiu

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