Facebook Launches Encrypted Data Transfer Tool

As Facebook continues to shape our everyday lives, a lot of differences are starting to arise with regards to how we form memories over the course of our day to day routines. For example, if you have been using the social media platform for a significant period of time, chances are that you would have a lot of pictures that have been uploaded to this platform. This is because of the fact that Facebook is where we share our fun moments with other people, and as a result it becomes the sole place where some of our most important pictures would end up.

Previously if you wanted to port your photos from Facebook to some other platform you had to save it to your device manually and then upload it to whatever service you would want this photo to be on. Needless to say, this is a pretty roundabout way for you to get your photos to other platforms, and it takes a very long time to do so not to mention the fact that it is quite a cumbersome process that shouldn’t be this difficult in a modern day and age where everything has started happening far faster than before.

The good news is that Facebook is announcing a new feature, one that would make this whole process fare easier than it would have been otherwise. This feature is basically all about making it easier for you to port your pictures or videos to other web platforms, for example it will allow you to transfer your photos to Google Photos in a much simpler fashion, enabling direct transfer rather than the roundabout process that you might currently need to go through.

This feature is going to be tested out in Ireland before going to other countries. The reason for this is that Ireland is the country where Facebook has established its international headquarters, and this indicates that Facebook is going to be heading for an international rollout quite soon. Indeed, the social media platform has indicated that it will be trying to roll this feature out to many international markets in the first half of the year 2020.

Another exciting piece of information about this feature has to do with the fact that it will be available for more photo storing services. This means that you won’t be restricted to Google Photos. Much on the contrary you would be able to pick and choose which platform you want to port your media to. Additionally, the transfer is going to be encrypted so you don’t have to worry about your photos or other forms of data falling into the wrong hands.
"We want to build practical portability solutions people can trust and use effectively. To foster that trust, people and online services need clear rules about what kinds of data should be portable and who is responsible for protecting that data as it moves to different services.", announced Steve Satterfield, Facebook's Director of Privacy and Public Policy, in a blog post. Adding further, "We hope this product can help advance conversations on the privacy questions we identified in our white paper. We know we can’t do this alone, so we encourage other companies to join the Data Transfer Project to expand options for people and continue to push data portability innovation forward."
Facebook Driving Innovation in Data Portability With a New Photo Transfer Tool
Photo: DENIS CHARLET via Getty Images

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