LTE Technology grew by over 40% as compared to 3G – New Report suggests

The modern world is taken by the fast growth of 4G and 5G technologies since their inception. The Intelligence report published by ResearchAndMarkets suggests that 4G technologies have grown by 40% in the 12-months period, which is comparatively more as compared to the 3G technologies.

4G LTE holds a 35% market share at the global level, showing there is still room for further growth – the report suggests. For the next ten years, LTE is expected to take away mobile traffic and 5G technology might witness a slow transition.

LTE technology was the fastest to achieve such growth in the market. Those who use LTE technology in their phones can vouch for its great speed and performance.

On the other hand, WiFi also holds a great position in the mobile broadband arena. Most smartphones coming in the market has Wi-Fi enabled in them. It has certainly become an integral part of all smartphones. No matter if you are in house, office or anywhere; Wi-Fi availability is a must.

Today, even tablets and laptops come with Wi-Fi technology in them. This shows the huge success of WiFi, especially in western countries and China.

It is not wrong to call LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi as the next-generation networks. Also, it is expected that these networks will come with IoT (Internet-of-Things) infrastructure and M2M.

The frequent increase in the 4G/LTE market suggest that will have a 2/3 market share of the mobile subscriber base in the year 2025.

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