Facebook seeks third-parties to fact check content

After facing severe allegations from multiple authorities, Facebook is ramping up its fact-checking policy by asking its user base to help spot fake news before it becomes viral.

According to a Henry Silverman, Product Manager, the social media network is hiring users – a novice in this field for part-time fact-checking work. The company says that these contractors are ideal for this role as they would be more capable of representing their diverse viewpoints.

The program is significantly different from Facebook’s other fact-checking processes, that relies on credible organizations like Associated Press or factcheck.org. However, the social media network is trying out a new protocol that would allow the Facebook community to research news before it’s transferred to professional organizations.

Facebook claims that this would speed up their fact-checking process and even enhance the accurateness of the news.

The company has hired a contracting company called Appen to handle the appointments of the community contractors.

Facebook is not yet commenting on the new contractor’s ability to judge what is right and what is not in the initial days of the program. However, they are backing up YouGov’s study of the program that says judgment from representatives of Facebook would corroborate more with the users of the social media networks.

Facebook seeks third-parties to fact check content

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