New Tool “Restrict” by Instagram to Block Bullies Rolling Out Today

Bullying someone on social media has become a habit rather than a one-time task for some people. Many users don’t take bullying as an actual crime that might lead to serious consequences. If you are in high-school then you might have faced it there. If you are short-height, dark-toned, unmarried or others from the list then you are definitely subjected to the brutal comments of the society.

Bullying is considered a serious crime by many social media platforms that have also taken some appropriate steps to block online bullies. However, such steps can lead to further bullying such as hateful comments and enmity when bully and the bullied person come face to face.

To cater to this, Instagram is launching a “Restrict” tool that will be available globally, starting today. This tool allows the user to block the bully without them knowing that they are blocked.

Bully will have no idea that they have been restricted. Bullies will remain added with the bullied user and could see all their comments on the user’s profile. However, the comments of the restricted user will not be seen by other followers of the user. Also, once you have restricted the bully, you will not receive any notifications of their comments.

It’s up to you if you want to delete the comment, approve it or view it. The Restricted tool also applies to the messages you receive from bullies. Restricting the user will lead the message directly into your “Message Requests” or Instagram junk.

To restrict a user, swipe left on the user’s comment and select “Restrict”. Plus, Insatgrammers can restrict the user from their profile or from the Privacy tab in Settings.

Instagram team in a press release announced that: "Recently, we rolled out a Create Don’t Hate sticker in Stories, calling on our community to share how they use their creative talents to stand up to bullying." The team also announced that it's planning to add "a global anti-bullying sticker in Stories".

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