Instagram Stories are contributing around 10% of Ad spending to Facebook Inc.

The journey of Instagram started with the aim to attract potential influencers which it did. Later on, Facebook purchased Instagram and WhatsApp to engage with a variety of audiences through multiple social network platforms.

Instagram is considered one of the largest social media platforms after Facebook with millions of users engaging on a daily basis. The hashtag categories and the Discovery tabs all provide a wide variety of results about the trending posts.

In 2016, Instagram started its own short Instagram Stories which was no doubt found to be a pretty similar design to the trending short story app named Snapchat. Even though the majority of the users accused Instagram of copying Snapchat but later on Instagram stories started gaining the type of attention it wanted.

Instagram stories are a combination of some annotated pictures and videos that users can through each type of content and sometimes between stories ads also pop up.

This new feature is majorly embraced by marketers and brands and is very important for Facebook as well because this feature helps the tech giant understand the businesses keeping up with the updating interests and changes in user behavior.

Instagram stories are now making a very huge contribution to Facebook Inc. and according to the report by SocialBakers, the Instagram stories are drawing almost 10% of ad spending on the properties of the company.

The disappearing stories after 24 hours are somewhat gaining more attention day by day and people are actually now starting to post more content via stories as compared to posting on the wall of Instagram feed where the content stays visible.

For users of Instagram, this new feature could take a while to understand and start using it, so to the marketers Facebook executives advised them about the delay in their advertising results as it can take a while for users to completely catch on to this new trends and Facebook also made sure that during that time the ad prices will remain lower.

As compared to last year, The average spending of advertisers om Instagram stories almost increased more than 70% according to the data provided by SocialBakers this new feature will for sure be the future for advertisers and marketers on social media platforms.

There’s no official statement released by Facebook about the total amount of revenue this social media platform generates from stories but it did reveal that the use of this feature is climbing on daily basis and that is something worth considering for sure.
"The E-commerce category continues to rise, ranking first on Facebook and second on Instagram in total interactions. Fashion rules on Instagram, increasing its engagement lead from 27.8% in Q2 to 31.9% in Q3 2019.", revealed the report.
Socialbakers collected a data from 9,500 Facebook advertising accounts and later on released a report stating that Instagram stories are getting more than 500 million daily users and this new Instagram story feature is gaining more attention from advertisers as compared to the Facebook Stories which is also a similar feature released by the parent company Facebook on its main social network.

According to the report by Socialbakers, Facebook stories are only contributing around 0.3% of total ad spending on Facebook during the third quarter as compared to the Instagram Stories.

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