Pinterest Introduces Trend Tools To Bring Into Attention The Top Searches On The Platform

It’s finally time that Pinterest will now let you see the top searches of its digital pinboards in the past 12 months. Known by the name of Pinterest Trends, the tracker will also let you know when a search has topped the ranking on the platform.

As Pinterest is a hub of inspiration and ideas, consumers and marketers are going to love it even more in 2020. They are going to get the latest trends happening on the platform right onto their screen; without having to do anything and which eventually also would reinforce the platform's brand messaging.

Pinterest’s current move compliments well with its "aspiring" nature as previously consumers used to create digital pin boards of everything they liked ranging from travel, home decorating, fashion and significant events to holidays and weddings. So, with Pinterest Trends coming into the game, the most popular ideas would be gathered at one place, the discovery of content will improve and a boost in engagement will occur - which has been the major concern of every social media site.

Moreover, the statistics shared by Pinterest related to the trends can make marketers position their product or service according to demands. In the Pinterest 100 report you can see the latest trends in food, home, style, beauty, health, travel and family content that have kept 320 million users engaged on the platform over the period of last 12 months.

Besides that, the report also highlights the importance of themes and how it is relevant to the Generation Z consumers, who are in the phase of adulthood and hold the power to purchase anything on their own. Users were more interested in the following themes:
  • Beyond Binary for changing gender norms
  • Conscious Consumption for sustainability
  • Finding Balance for wellness and emotional health
  • Home Hub for interior design
  • Internationally Inspired for multicultural ideas
  • Pampered Pets for pet care spending
  • Responsible Travel for eco-tourism
  • Re-Wilding for nature lovers
  • Space Everything for astrology
  • Space travel
  • 90s Rerun for nostalgia
Pinterest Trends report also sheds light on Gen Z brand preferences as more than 58% of the demographic group chose to go for a brand's purpose, values and mission when it came to the matter of most important traits.

However, this is not all, Pinterest is now also offering software tools for marketers which includes the e-commerce support to convert Pinners into shoppers. Prior to that, Pinterest also launched @PinterestShop to let small merchants sell products through the platform. Bringing right innovation and ease to the platform seems a great way forward for Pinterest.

For pro tip again, Dog halos, Granny pods, agri-tourism and rockhounding are turning out to be the latest trends that will shape 2020 (as per Pinterest).

Pinterest Introduces Trend Tools To Bring Into Attention The Top Searches On The Platform

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