Google Translate will soon be offering real-time translation like Google Assistant

Exploring new places, new people and knowing about a variety of languages is all fun as long as you understand it clearly and Google Translate is one of the selected services that offer such great accuracy into translating a variety of languages so that its users can learn about new languages and understand about some new people and their society.

Despite such efficient results, Google Translate still fails to offer real-time translation feature like of Google Assistant but not anymore in the coming days.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, Google Translate is currently testing a new feature named Continuous Translation which is aimed to provide continuous real-time translation to its users.

The name of this new feature pretty much explains its purpose which is to provide an uninterrupted real-time translation for its users.

To use this new feature you need to click on the option of the ‘Listen’ icon provided along with previous options like selecting a camera to take a picture or using a conversation icon in the app.

After selecting the Listen icon option, the Google Translate app will redirect you to a new window with a large microphone button displayed at the bottom of the app.

In order to start using this new feature, you’ll need to select your preferred language and the category of language that you need to get translated.

For best results place the microphone of your device as close to the input source as possible and by holding the microphone button the Google translate app will translate everything you speak to the target language selected by you.

You can also change the text size and theme of the translated text and also select the option to display the original text as well.

To know about the so many diverse varieties of languages and people from different regions of the world such language translating apps come really handy if they can be used in real-time translating as well.

Google Translate will soon be offering real-time translation like Google Assistant

Google translate is known for its most accurate and efficient results and the only feature it has been lacking was the real-time translation and now with this new addition, a larger audience will be preferring Google Translate as compared to other languages translating apps like of Google Assistant.

Excited to use this feature? So are we, but, you have to hold on to that excitement a bit more as this new feature is currently in the testing phase and not rolling out officially yet.

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