Google Messages App Will Now Detect and Notify About Verified and Spam Texts

Smartphone users will now be warned about spam or verified messages in the Messages app, says Google. According to a blog post by Roma Slyusarchuk Software Engineer, Messages, an in-app warning will be issued, with an infamous red spam icon that Google users must already have seen, when there will be a possible spam message. Users will then be able to report the spam messages.

The Spam protection feature in the Messages app will warn about the suspected spam messages or the unsafe websites that are detected automatically. Google asks users to help them improve their spam models by reporting whether the suspected spam message that comes with a warning was actually spamming or not.

Currently, the feature is available in various countries and will soon be available all over the US as well.

According to Google, users will not only be able to report spam messages but also block the conversation. Another security feature, Verified SMS, has been introduced by the company along with the anti-spam feature. It verifies every text to check whether the company sending a text is actually what it signifies to be.

These new security features will make Android devices more secure and less spamming, giving users relief from many troubles.

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