Google News goes ‘Beyond the Headlines’

Google is constantly improving its News section and we have seen a lot of updates over the past year. Recently, it introduced a new feature called ‘Beyond the Headlines’ that allows users to dig deeper into specific topics. This includes enhanced reporting, explainers, and detailed stories of relevant subjects.

According to Raffaele Colella, Product Manager, the feature would allow users to explore the ‘why and how’ in stories – rather than just reading up on the basic information. Keeping a detailed version of stories on the ‘Beyond the Headlines’ page would give the readers more insight on important subjects such as healthcare, environment, education, and many more.

Google’s algorithms will arrange the pages so it is expected that they would be exclusively customized to the type of content you read on a regular basis. Google has also said to add the estimated reading time along with the feature.

‘Beyond the Headlines’ feature is available on the desktop all over the world. It will be displayed in US English only. Google is also aiming to release the same features for mobile devices and other languages by the year 2020.

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