PS4 vs. Desktop PC for Gaming: Which is Superior?

Is it better to play video games on a PlayStation 4 or on your PC? This is not an easy question to answer. “Better” is a subjective term. The answer to the question depends on what you want out of gaming, your budget, and how you like to play games.

The succinct answer is that visuals on PCs are better, there are more game titles available, and the games are more affordable. A PC has more storage than a PlayStation 4. Luckily, the storage issue can be circumvented. By getting one of the best PS4 hard drives on the market today, you can keep as many games in your collection as you'd like to.

PlayStation 4 is cheaper than purchasing a quality gaming PC. However, PlayStation games are more expensive.

PCs have troubleshooting issues, but a PlayStation 4 can play for years without giving you issues.

What You Get When Gaming on a PC

PC gaming can be done using one of three operating systems:

• Windows

• Linux

• Mac OS

The majority of games are available for Windows, with relatively fewer PC games being released for Linux and Mac OS… making Windows the best choice for gaming.

PC gamers must choose between a desktop or laptop. There are powerful gaming laptops on the market, but they are expensive. Cheaper gaming laptops can use an external graphics card. Still, the performance of a laptop pales when compared to that of a desktop. For your money, you do better purchasing a gaming desktop.

What You Get When Gaming Using PlayStation 4

Consoles, like the PlayStation 4, are largely responsible for bringing home video game playing to the masses by providing a comprehensive gaming experience at a fraction of the cost of a PC. A PlayStation 4 can last for five years or more, or until the next generation console is released. A PlayStation will never give you compatibility issues, and you know that your hardware will never get outdated in relation to the games created for that software.

Comparing a PC to a PlayStation 4

An entry-level PC is close in price to the PS4. It offers comparable performance but can become obsolete quickly. Mid-range PCs will run you around $800. These will last a few years longer than your PlayStation. However, for the same money you spent on the PC, you can purchase the existing generation of PlayStation and likely the future generation of the console.

In terms of longevity, high-end PCs are comparable to your PS4. Although these will run you around $2,000 they can run games in 4K and their components are likely to die of old age before becoming obsolete.

You can upgrade individual PC components. There is no option to upgrade your PS4, except to purchase the next-generation model. However, the replaceable components of a PC can make troubleshooting them a nightmare.

Your PlayStation 4 comes with the peripherals needed to play most games. With a PC, you will need to purchase a specialized mouse, computer, headset, monitor, and possibly speakers. This adds a significant amount to the price of the unit.

Gaming Options for PC and PlayStation

Most new games are first made for consoles like the PS4 because more gamers use consoles than PCs. The launch date of many PC versions of a title is now the same as the console version. There are a few console-only games. However, there’s not enough to influence your buying decision. A number of indie games are only released on PC.

Acquiring games on PS4 means purchasing them from the console's network or purchasing a physical copy. If you want a physical copy, there are a number of places that sell used games at a reduced price.

PC users have more options. They can download games or purchase physical copies, stream nearly any old game using novel, low-cost USB data connectivity devices, and generally tweak their experience as they please. There are also online platforms, including Steam, EA’s Origin, and multiple so-called gray sites. Gray sites allow gamers to resell their games.

There are also online stores that sell PC games. For people who lack scruples, there are a number of pirated sources where one can acquire games and many options for streaming games using modified VPN routers and other workarounds.

PCs are the Go-To Option for Hard-Core Gamers

Hard-core gamers love using PCs. PC gamers enjoy connecting with friends who use PCs because they allow them to play online multiplayer games together. There are only a handful of cross-platform multiplayer games that allow console players and PC gamers to play together.

PC games have "mod" support. These are player-created versions of a base game. Mod support is almost nonexistent on PS4. PCs offer multiple control options that you won’t see with any console. With console games, you have to use the controller that is provided and only have the option to make minor modifications. With a PC, you can play a first-person shooter using your mouse, your controller, or a combination of the two.

Why Some People Prefer Their PS4

When you talk to people who prefer playing on their PlayStation 4, one of the reasons they present is that they can play the game from their sofa. Also, PlayStation is compatible with your television or your projector. Its controllers are designed so that you don’t have to fiddle around to find the right combination of buttons.

PCs are not made to work with television displays. They work best when you have a desk setup. If you try to use your PC set up in a non-desk environment, you spend more time trying to figure out how to make it work than you do actually enjoying the game.

A PS4 is great because it makes it easier for you to play games side-by-side with your friends. This is something that you just cannot do easily using a PC set up. Avid gamers will argue that it is better to use a mouse and a keyboard. However, for the casual gamer, figuring out how to get the most out of a mouse and keyboard combination is frustrating. The simple controller of your PlayStation 4 is easier.

There are a number of clear arguments for both the PS4 and the computer. What’s important is that you find the gaming style that’s right for you and have a good time.
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