Google is now featuring pictures along with translated words in search results for more clarity

Good news for visual learners! Google is making its Search more appealing by adding new features. When you Google a definition or meaning, the results show photos. Similarly, now the Google Translate will also show photos card in search results.

You can experiment with this yourself by going to Google and search translate, type your word for translation (for example: translate apple in Urdu) and the results will come along images of the word you want to translate. However, the feature is still in development phase, so chances are it may not appear on all searches.

This feature is part of the announcement Google made in mid-November when it introduced the pronunciation practice feature. People would usually search for the pronunciation for a word that they cannot say perfectly but it is not always possible that they themselves get to say it correctly.

Google introduced a feature in which when a person Google a pronunciation of a word, they can play an audio result and hear it as usual. But now they would be able to practice it by saying that word in the phone’s microphone and receive feedback about it.

Google will correct if they fail to say it correctly. This feature is currently available for American English only and will soon be available for Spanish as well.

Good news for visual learners: Google now shows images along with translated words in search results for more context
Screenshot: DigitalInformationWorld.

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