Google finally lets you pause autoplay videos in Play Store

A couple of months ago, Google announced autoplay video feature in the Play Store. However, most users were not very enthralled with the feature and found it annoying.

Luckily, Google heard the dismay and is now providing an option to turn off the automatically enabled feature.

The autoplay of videos in Play Store was majorly a part of their “Games Spotlight” feed, “Suggested for You,” and “Games you might like.” The videos in these formats usually started playing the moment a user scrolled down on it. Once the video is turned on, the user can control the sound from the indicator in the bottom-right corner.

However, with the new update, users can control video autoplay by going to the Settings and further in General tab. According to Settings page, Auto-Play videos have three customizable options with the second one - AutoPlay videos over WI-FI only - selected by default for all users. The other two includes:

• Auto-play videos at any time

• Don’t auto-play videos

The feature is now available with the version 17.9.17. Check it out and let us know the level of relief you experienced by turning off the autoplay on the Play Store.

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