Things to Know Before you Sign Up for Spectrum Internet

Getting an internet connection may be easy but what provider to go for is certainly a tough choice to make. With so many providers offering a plethora of services, it is indeed a confusing situation to be in. Add the suffering of a previous provider and the choice is even harder to make. The dilemma is that life without the internet is simply impossible. The data charges make it out of question to continue without a home internet connection.

Amongst all the providers out there, 3 giants joined forces to form Spectrum Communications. The power of three in one meant a bigger network, better services and a wider range of options. Indeed, the consumers were at the receiving end of those amazing services. The question still remains, is Spectrum internet a reliable option? We have compiled a small list of factors to consider before you give your verdict regarding Spectrum internet being worthy of your choice. Read on and make an informed decision.

1. Availability

Before you go ahead and buy anything, it has to be available for you. In a similar fashion, you cannot subscribe to Spectrum internet if it is not available in your area. The merger of Bright House Network, Charter Communications, and Time Warner Cable formed Spectrum. The inclusion of three in one meant a wider coverage and better service.

All in all, Spectrum made massive infrastructure spending and is available in 41 states. There’s a catch though. They do not offer all their services in all the areas. This is because of many limitations. Firstly, the entire country is geographically too wide for one entity to cover and secondly, the services offered have to meet the requirement of the customers. That’s right, not all states have the same preferences which means not all will get the same services.

2. Speeds

These days, high-speed internet connections are in high demand. Speed has become more of a necessity than a want. As the availability of the provider varies, the availability of speeds will vary as well. With Spectrum’s vast cable network, one assumes everything might be available to everyone. That certainly is not the case.

Spectrum offers the fastest internet connection clocking gigabit speeds at 940 Mbps. For more basic use you can get a 200 Mbps connection. Between the two speeds, there are numerous other options. You can choose from one of these that fit your needs.

3. Pricing

Price is one of the most dominating factors when it comes to choosing an internet connection. We all want the fastest option available. Little do we know that this fastest connection will cost the most as well. The formula is simple, the faster the speed, the more expensive it is. So, the fastest speed that Spectrum has to offer clocks a staggering 940 Mbps, and yes, it is the most expensive as well. And if you are interested to know where do their basic packages start from? The answer is $49.99 a month.

This sounds convenient, right?. Well it isn’t, this price is promotional and is only valid for a year or the first 12 months. Once the promotional period is over, the prices will revise and you will be charged a regular monthly subscription.

4. Features

It is like getting a new piece of technology, you like but you do your research. You look for features, specs, and specifications after which you decide whether to buy it or not. Similarly, there are a few features that you should know about before you jump to get Spectrum internet services.

Contract Buyout
Let’s start with something that can actually help you. This particularly concerns the ones who are tied to long term contracts with providers that charge you for nothing. All you do is pay the internet bill for slow speeds, spotty connections, and subpar customer support.

Spectrum offers you to buy your contract from your existing provider. This means the early termination fee that was holding you back from getting rid of your provider will be taken care of by Spectrum. All you need to do is get in touch with them. You can find more details by clicking here.

Free Modem
Life is about paying for what you need, want or use. It is a rarity to find something for free. When it comes to the internet, the activation requires modems, routers wires, and an expert to configure them all. Installation or configuration is something that you can do on your own but there is no internet without the necessary and appropriate equipment.

While most providers charge monthly rentals, Spectrum offers free modems. There is no catch to it and every internet connection from spectrum gets you a free modem. You not only save on monthly rentals but also on purchasing expensive items.

No data caps
Faster internet connection means you can download more data in less time and if you have an internet connection as stable as Spectrum, you are looking at even more data in less time. In turn, an internet connection is not just about speeds but also about downloading capabilities. Whether you download a file, play games, upload a video, surf through your social media or stream a movie, it all takes data. Why is this so significant here? Simply because most providers implement data caps and there’s only so much you can use. The usual limit is 1000 GBs but it may vary with the package you have.

So, what happens if you consume all of the data limits? One of the two things will happen. You’ll either experience slower speeds or total disconnection. You will continue to face this issue until you pay for extra data or pay your bill at the end of the month. Spectrum, on the contrary, has no such restrictions. You can enjoy uninterrupted internet, no matter how much data you consume.


It is not easy selecting a provider especially when you are looking at a commitment of a few years. You may often find yourself stuck with an inferior internet and feel helpless. In such situations, Spectrum poses to be a great option. It not only helps you get rid of your old provider but also offers amazing speeds, gets you amazing features for free and proposes a contract-free internet connection.

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