Snapchat Adds Another Interesting AR Based Aging Filter To the App

Snapchat was an instant hit right from the beginning, unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram it was not something that could store data for long to make the users embarrass themselves and that’s where the journey begins. Even after Facebook introduced the same story filter on all social media websites — including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp — Snapchat stayed strong because of its unique features. Even after trying hard to replicate everything, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were unable to replicate the filters and with every passing day, Snapchat introduced more filters with innovative techniques and the use of AR.

Previously, Snapchat had introduced a gender-changing filter and very recently a baby filter in may but it seems the company has finally understood their strength and they are using it again by introducing a better filter. In this filter, the user can start by a baby filter and then it changes to an aging filter. This means that the user can start from childhood and end at aging. Mostly Snapchat pays people to build Snapchat AR based filters but this filter is a Snapchat original team effort filter. With the exceptionally beautiful idea, this remarkable filter is expected to go viral on and off the platform.

Experts have been expecting this because previously when the Snapchat baby filter went viral it repeatedly made an appearance in other platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For most of the businesses, this might sound strange that users are not using the app, to do something that it was originally built for. However, it seems that most of the people use Snapchat more like a camera app to take pictures and post them on other apps than just a story app where they can post their daily story. This doesn’t seem like a terrible loss for the company because previously, both Instagram and Facebook were designed as just social media websites meant for sharing content with friends. Later on, Instagram became one of the most frequently used app for business and PR purposes. Whereas, Facebook turned into a paid marketing tool where businesses could use the platform not only for just promotion but also for selling purposes.

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