Evolution of Social Media Platforms During the Last Decade

The Internet has changed a lot since its introduction and more than that it has changed our lives a lot. Out of everything that the internet has impacted our day to day life, social media has the biggest role to play. However, over the last decade, we have seen some of the most incredible developments and it has raised a lot of questions. From a user’s point of view, things are quite fascinating but for content creators, the criteria for producing good content are becoming tough with each passing day. As we enter in the last year of the decade, it is now very important to not only acknowledge the journey and evolution that social media platforms have gone through but predict what is coming our way in the future.

Just a decade ago in 2010, Vine wasn’t anywhere to be found, the biggest YouTube star Jake Paul was just 12 years old and we were still hungover by the idea of holding an iPhone 4 in our hands. A decade has turned the tables on us, we are now indulging in the idea of manipulating our own data that makes us a product now, we are alright with the idea of 3 year-olds making YouTube videos. This decade has revolutionized the internet culture in the best and worst possible way that it feels surreal. Where users have their own opinion, content creators have a completely different view on this digital havoc.

From the YouTube stars to viral celebrities we have tried knowing all that they have to say, so readers can have a different perspective on the changing world of the internet that we have today.

While talking about the evolution of YouTube there is no way we can ignore the biggest content creator Jake Paul who rose to fame because of his controversial content and diss songs. Paul is not alone, his older brother Logan is also part of the YouTube family, he started as a Vine star in 2013 and like most of the Viners, he also moved to YouTube later. According to Jake, his career has grown with the growth of internet culture. He clearly sees it as a crazy, surreal experience of how his life has turned so fast just with the internet. He says that over the last decade social media and fame have become more accessible for the general public, legacy and nepotism are no longer the only way to enter into Hollywood. Content creation has not only changed this but also moved it towards better adaption. In an attempt to remember his Vine years, he says that we were supposed to make 6 seconds videos that were entertaining, short yet has the capacity to go viral, which was quite challenging. So when he saw that YouTube has a better margin of work and creativity he shifted right away. He also said that people no longer laugh when he says he is a YouTuber and he feels he has made a lot of difference with his work.

According to Justine Ezarik the women behind iJustine, she mainly makes tech videos and her content has been viewed million times. She feels that content is now made easy as compared to before, now she also feels that content creation is a full-time job. She says people appreciate her work and they don’t feel it something odd.

Apart from YouTube stars, now we have meme stars too and this has evolved just recently. Two of the biggest meme creators Dr Grandayy and Dolan Dark talk about the evolution and share that they have seen the biggest shift in the meme industry in the last recent decade only. According to Dark, previously during the whole year, we would see hardly 10 best memes but now we see ten in a month. Dr Grandaay says that memes are relatable and funny for all which means people can easily get entertained by them. To quote the best memes according to Dr Grandaay nothing gets better than We are number one by Robbie Rotten. To say the least, Dark said that memes are here to stay and in case you are sick of them, you need to know that even in the next decade you’ll still be seeing a lot of them.

The main idea of social media evolution over the years is that it is no longer just confined to communication it has grown to education and entertainment. From long DIY tutorials on YouTube to short viral videos on TikTok, every medium is playing its part and it is going to become bigger in the next few years.

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