The Biggest Highlights in the World of Social Media Platforms In 2019 + Trends for 2020 [infographic]

2019 was a great year! There have been several life-changing developments, the introduction of new features and various events that took place on all the prominent social media platforms. There is no one particular big news, as 2019 was full of controversies and updates related to social networks.

A lot has been going on internet this year, and all the important events along with what should be expected in 2020 have been gathered for you in the following infographic, which comes courtesy of Awario.

The top platforms, including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok had their own updates to improve the user experience and keep them engaged.

Like to regulate ads and make them transparent on the platform, Ad library was introduced on Facebook along with the “Why am I seeing this?” feature. It helped advertisers as well as users in making ads more relevant and interest-oriented.

The biggest news was the vision presented at the F8 conference about “social media as a living room”. In the coming year, it is expected that Facebook will make changes in its algorithm to beat fake news, introduce more tools for Groups and more regulated ads along with many new changes and features.

Likewise, for Instagram, the most exciting news was the launch of Creator Account, while Instagram testing hiding the like counts for followers made it to headlines. In 2020, Instagram is expected to focus more on DMs, displaying more ads and eCommerce friendly platform.

Twitter allowed users to hide replied to their tweets and also banned all political ads on the platform. It is also expected to work more on misinformation issue and might bring important UI changes.

Linked also improved the platform in favor of advertisers as well as businesses. Few feed algorithms were also introduced and the platform might bring more tools for business.

Snapchat gained its popularity back and not only users, but it also made things easier for advertisers like by introducing Instant Create feature. It was rumored that Snapchat will allow permanent snaps. Nonetheless, the platform is planning to engage more users with new AR filters and tools for advertisers in the coming year.

TikTok allowed to advertise on the platform and is expected to continue its growth in 2020 also. The platform is now focusing to generate revenue, by making it advertising friendly and also let content creators monetize it.

Many social media trends are also expected in the next year and it is yet to see, whether social media platforms take up the responsibility of making the society safe for all or not. A huge charge lies on social media and they must play their part intelligently.

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Featured photo: Freepik / sitthiphong
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