#TeamTrees Initiative Hype: YouTube’s CEO Donates 200K Trees

With global warming and changing climate conditions, it has become essential for everyone to do something for the planet. A lot of forests have been cut down, which has caused severe negative impacts on the climate around the globe. Everybody has started to realize this alarming situation, which is why many planting initiatives have been taken.

The #TeamTrees was announced last Friday with the aim of planting 20 million trees before the start of the next year. It is a community initiative and YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, announced that she is donating 200K trees for the cause.

Many YouTubers have encouraged people to donate for this initiative. With one dollar, one tree will be planted. Susan Wojcicki posted a picture with Mark Rober while planting a tree in their San Bruno headquarters along with praising the YouTube community.

To participate in the charity, the participating videos are tagged with a green Fundraiser badge that has a “Donate Now” option underneath the title. If you are using YouTube on the web then you can find it at the right of the video and underneath the player when using on phone. You can also directly donate at the #TeamTrees website.

The collected money will be given to the National Arbor Day Foundation, which will be responsible for planting trees around the world.

YouTube will be handling the transaction fees of all the donations and right now, YouTube has collected over $2.1 million. Also, #TeamTrees official website stands at $8.9 million, which is a great deal. With such great enthusiasm from people, we are hoping that the expected amount will be collected ahead of the schedule.

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