Are you blocked from WhatsApp suddenly? Maybe this is the reason!

WhatsApp seems to be getting tougher on its users and is now permanently banning users who are part of groups with suspicious names.

According to several reports published on the web news portal, Reddit, many users have reported being blocked from the popular messaging platform.

In fact, one user said on Reddit that his complete university group was banned from using the services of WhatsApp after someone changed the group name to ‘Child’s Pornography.’ He even contacted the company and was received with an automated response that their group violated the company’s terms of use.

WABetaInfo who keeps track of WhatsApp updates also said that with an illegitimate group name, it is now very easy to be banned from the messaging platform. The website even acknowledges that members are being blocked even if they changed the group name as a prank.

Whatsapp leverages advance AI technology to monitor and identify abusive content on its platform and according to a blog post, "WhatsApp has a zero-tolerance policy around child sexual abuse."

However, there is some good news for WhatsApp users!

The algorithms of the Facebook-owned messaging services are sharp and if any user is added to a spam group without their knowledge, they will NOT be banned and can continue to use WhatsApp as always. The issue is only faced by users who are part of groups for long periods of time.

As a precaution it's best to invite only trustworthy and responsible users as admin and avoid any such group names that can be problematic. And if you’ve been banned on Facebook-owned messaging app, you can appeal and explain that it was just a joke by going to Settings > Help > Contact Us, or by simply using the details from WhatsApp support page.

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