WhatsApp for iPhone Receives a Major Update Packed with Several New Features!

iPhone users will now be getting their hands on an updated version of WhatsApp (2.19.120). What’s exciting about the update is that it comes with a number of cool features. A few weeks ago, the messaging service introduced the much-needed group privacy settings for both Android and iPhone. However, the updated features we will be discussing here are strictly reserved for WhatsApp for iPhone… at least for now.

In order to check the details about this new update, users can head over to App Store and access the changelog. It states that one of the new features is called “Call Waiting Support”. As the name suggests, this feature will allow iOS users to receive a WhatsApp call, while they are in the mid of another call. Users will also be able to choose whether they want to pick up the new call right away or end the ongoing call first before picking up the second one.

Before now, users didn’t use to receive a call waiting alert when someone attempted to call them while they were busy on another telephonic conversation on WhatsApp. However, the calling party was always notified about the receiver being “on another call”.

In addition to the Call Waiting Support feature, the update also introduces a redesigned chat screen that allows Apple users to easily and promptly scan their messages. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the new version will also enable users (using the VoiceOver mode) to swiftly send their messages directly from the Braille keyboard.

It should also be mentioned that the changelog restates the addition of Group Privacy Settings. iPhone users who didn’t receive the said privacy feature after the last update will be able to get it with the current one. All they have to do is install the most recent version of WhatsApp for iPhone from the App Store.

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