Over 90% of the Internet Users don't think that Social Media Companies Protect their Personal Data!

It’s 2019 and it’s safe to say that internet has taken over the world. From shopping and communication facilities to even transportation services can be availed with the help of internet now. Therefore, with everything going online slowly and steadily, the issue of privacy gets brought up every now and then. In order to avail the above-mentioned facilities, we are required to submit our personal data and this is where the topic of online privacy comes into play.

According to a recent GlobalWebIndex survey in which 4,302 internet users (aged between 16 and 64) scattered across the US and UK participated, around 28% of the respondents choose “manage preferences” when dealing with a consent form for a website. This allows them to select the data that will be accessible by the said website. Surprisingly 25% of the respondents claimed that they hit the “accept” button without giving a thought.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that people are concerned about sharing their data with an online entity. Interestingly, the same respondents were also asked about organizations that they believe offer the best protection of people’s personal data.

Around 32% of the respondents couldn’t name any. 28% said that financial service providers (banks, credit card companies etc.) take the most care of their customer’s personal details. 28% of the respondents also voted in favor of digital payment providers (PayPal, Apple Pay etc.). 25% hailed healthcare providers (hospitals, pharmacies etc.) as the true guardians of people’s personal information.

Retail sites, email services, device manufacturers, entertainment subscription services, governmental authorities, search engines and internet service providers also made the cut but all of these categories were supported by only 10-18% of the respondents.

Social media companies received the least amount of support with only 7% of the respondents trusting them. However, we can’t say that we are surprised as over the last few years, different social media companies have been accused of mishandling their users’ personal data. What’s interesting is that most of the people don’t trust the platforms on which they spend a major chunk of their day.

Confidence in data handling by industry - chart

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