Facebook’s Android App Might be Getting a Dark Mode Soon

A lot of social media platforms and instant messaging services have started offering dark modes. A big part of the reason why this is the case has to do with the numerous health concerns that arose from people that used smartphones or stared at their screens all day, with the impact that this was having on their sleep in particular being the kind of thing that big tech and social media companies wanted to try and mitigate.

In an attempt to reduce some of the damage that might be caused by the excessive light that these apps offer, dark modes were introduced and while their initial purpose was indeed to try and improve the health impact of the apps, over time this became more of an aesthetic thing and dark mode eventually became a must have feature that brought social media apps on par with the competition.

Facebook has introduced a dark mode for its website as well as for Messenger, but the app version of the platform has not gotten any such treatment. That being said, it’s very possible that the platform might just be getting the dark mode in its applications quite soon because of the fact that certain Android users have reported seeing dark mode in their apps.

It’s fair to say that the wider rollout is probably not going to come immediately. Instead it’s probably a few days or even weeks away. The users that saw dark mode on Android were probably part of a test batch that Facebook was using to try and see if the mode would launch properly, and if things went well then the roll out should definitely happen soon. Regardless a lot of Facebook users on Android will be eagerly awaiting the roll out and will be excited that their app will finally have dark mode.

Android Users Will Soon Experience Facebook Dark Mode On Their Devices
Screenshot: Reddit / The-Respawner

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