Twitter Will Now Send Push Notifications for Suspicious Logins

One thing that pretty much every big tech company has involved data protection and user privacy. This is because of the fact that a lot of tech giants have had user data compromised and this has led to quite a bit of backlash as well as widespread regulation from lawmakers, something that is not ideal for tech companies that are trying to function with some amount of autonomy.

Twitter has just made an announcement that reflects the social media platform’s intentions to try and protect users from malicious actors that would be trying to access their accounts without their knowledge. The step that Twitter has taken is that if your account gets logged in to from a suspicious devices, or rather a source that Twitter deems to be suspicious, you will now get a push notification informing you of this log in.

If you check the notification out you will be informed that a new log in has occurred. If you were the one that made the log in then you won’t really have to do anything since your account is still secure, but if you get this notification and do not know who is trying to access your account you can change your password immediately which would log you out of your account out of every device except the one that you are using at that specific point in time, something that would really boost your overall security.

However, the fact that the notification would go out to your account means that anyone that logs in would get it as well, thereby resulting in them being able to change your password too although steps have been taken to make sure that nothing like this ends up happening.

Photo: ALASTAIR PIKE via Getty Images

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