You Can Now Ask Google Assistant to Read News Out to You

One thing that has made technology an indispensable part of our lives has to do with how convenient it has made a wide variety of activities. For example, if you want to get your daily news you can simply use the various technological assets at your disposal to obtain the right kind of information quickly and efficiently, something that simply wasn’t possible not too long ago.

It seems like things are going to get even easier now thanks to Google. A new feature is being launched which is being called “Your News Update”, and it has some pretty serious implications with regards to how we consume news on a regular basis.

This feature will work concurrently with Google Assistant and will be utilized across a wide variety of devices that have this feature built in. How it will work is that you would be able to ask the assistant to read Your News Update to you after which the digital assistant is going to read out all of the important headlines that you would want to know about.

This is important because of the fact that you can listen to a curated, personalized list of headlines that are pertinent to your daily routine while taking part in other activities. For example, while you are cooking you’d be able to hear all of the important headlines, something that will be convenient since you won’t have to handle a phone or read, two things that can be a little too involving for you to do them while performing other kinds of tasks.

"Your News Update is now available in English in the United States, and will expand internationally next year. You can find Your News Update in Assistant settings: Under the You tab, navigate to News and switch your News playlist format. Then say “Hey Google, play me the news” or add news to one of your Assistant Routines.", explained Product Manager Liz, in a blog post.

This feature is probably going to make people a lot keener to stay up to date on current affairs, something that might contribute to a far more educated populace that would know the goings on of the world.
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