G Suite's My Devices Feature Just Became Thousand Times Better

Google has just updated the my device page where G Suite users can now detect from which device a Google account has been logged in, including mobile and computer (laptop or desktop). Previously, find my device was only able to detect devices like cellphones, tablets and other handheld devices.

When accessing the account, users can also open my device page, this feature is currently available only for GSuite organizations and this works effectively for all the types of devices that have been logged in with the Google account.

This updated new design now contains a better user-interface design where the user has access to both mobile devices as well as desktop devices including laptop and home computer. Previously, this page only included phones and tablets as a device detection option. Functionality-wise, the page is almost same but the design on the newer page has been made more interesting and user-friendly. With this feature, GSuite users can benefit if they are using different devices for work and personal use. If the user has left the phone at home or somewhere, and they need to locate it in any way, this feature can come in handy. Users can not only detect the device right away but can also wipe the data that is present on the device.

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