Twitter tests a new feature to help users stay updated with desired topics

Twitter is known for its unique services to its users. Twitter is the most liked platform due to its flexible services and unique content. The team of Twitter always tries to bring new content for its users.

Recently, Twitter unveiled another new feature that its expecting would help make the platform more interesting for users. The ability for users to follow different topics the same way they might follow accounts. Twitter wants its users to not only have a feed full of tweets from people but also from topics they find interesting. Almost for more than a year, the team of Twitter discussed this idea to make the feed of users more interesting but the recent revelation shows that now users can have new topic-based tweets on their main timeline rather than searching for it in the Explore tab of the Twitter app.

With this new feature, Twitter allows its users to follow a specific topic they like and then in return Twitter will pull relevant tweets of specific topics in the feed of its users. Tweets from the specific topic will show up on the feed even if the user doesn’t follow those accounts at all. User can also opt-out from this feature by simply muting the specific topics.

Currently, the ‘interests’ function is under the testing phase but only on Android for sports-related topics. If this feature rolls out widely it can create misleading of harmful and malicious topics so that’s why the company only released a specified version of this feature.

The content related to the topics will be displayed automatically with the help of AI by gathering group tweets related to the topic. This means you no longer need to search word by word to get any specific topic tweets.

During a Twitter briefing, the team revealed that the core purpose of this new feature is to enable users with more interesting feed rather than the same tweets from specified accounts they follow. You can follow topics according to your mood and change whenever the feed accordingly. The team of Twitter also discussed regarding the most talked issue of edit button that it is nowhere seen in the future anytime soon because the team has other priorities to fulfill at the moment.

This new feature is under the testing phase with specified users but it is expected to roll out widely soon.

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