Twitter Rolls Out a New Feature that Allows Users to Report Issues that Transpire in Lists!

Once Twitter rolled out the Lists feature, it was only a matter of time before certain people started using it for spreading negativity on the platform. Fortunately, Twitter is now ready to step up and tackle the issues surfacing due to the unethical use of Lists. The microblogging service has launched a new reporting tool that will help address the above-mentioned concerns.

As of now, the tool in question is available on iOS only. According to Twitter, Android and web users won’t have to wait long as well to get their hands on the new feature. To use the tool, users just have to tap on the three-dot icon placed along with the Lists and choose “It’s abusive or harmful” from the menu that follows.

The reporting user will also be required to share the relevant details and send an email verifying the report’s receipt.

Some Twitter users and groups with intentions of spreading negativity on the platform have been using Lists to their advantage for a number of years now. Women and minority groups have been primarily targeted by the harassers using this approach. However, it wasn’t until recently that Twitter decided to step in. According to CNBC, the social networking service has been familiar with the issue for years now.

Around 2 years ago, Twitter decided that it would no longer be issuing notifications to users when they get added to a list in order for them to stay away from harmful notifications. However, it soon had to annul its decision as users said that receiving a notification was the only way to know about their addition to a particular list. Until now, the only way for users to deal with this issue was by blocking the list’s creator.

Twitter has stated that even though it tackles abuse reports in a timely manner and there are reporting tools available, users are still required to flag most of the abusive content and that the company is figuring out how to become more proactive.
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A major problem with Twitter is that it isn’t proactive when it comes to comprehending how its features could be molded in a direction completely opposite to the motive behind their addition to the platform.

It should also be noted that when it comes to social media, mostly the person who is at the receiving end of negative content isn’t the direct target of the abuser and the latter just uses the former as an object on whom they can vent out their frustrations without fearing or even considering the consequences (as there are none to be honest).

Therefore, people find it easy to bury others to elevate themselves on the platform. The motive behind it is to tract social media popularity and rack up likes, retweets, followers and whatnot!

Hopefully, Twitter can come up with a way to discourage the negativity-spreading users in the future. The new reporting feature for Lists is surely a step in the positive direction. iOS users should now be able to use this new tool.

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