Twitter now Allows you to Switch Accounts While Replying to a Tweet!

Twitter users are in for a treat today! It looks like the microblogging platform has had an interesting feature added for quite a while now that the users had no knowledge about. Fortunately, we have the scoop right here!

Renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra and Twitter User @ohitsmerenz should be credited for spreading awareness about the new feature. For those of you unaware, Twitter (probably in the last few months) has introduced a new feature which allows users to reply to a tweet from a different account.

Navarra’s tweet also contains a screenshot for better explanation. While replying to a tweet, a blue dropdown icon can be seen next to the username. When tapped, this dropdown expands and displays a list of Twitter accounts accessible by that particular device. From there, the user can choose the account from which they wish to send the reply tweet.

Although the news about this feature sounds new to most of the Twitter users, it has been revealed by others that the option to switch accounts while sending a reply tweet has been a part of the main Twitter app for quite some time now.

There is no doubt that the feature sounds helpful; however various concerns are associated with it. The main one is that there is a high chance of users overlooking the account while replying to a tweet. In cases where there are Brand/Business accounts involved, a slight error in this regard can turn out to be a major deal.

You are encouraged to check on the Twitter app if you have access to this feature. Stay tuned for potential updates centering on this story.

Twitter app now lets you switch accounts on a tweet to reply using a different account

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