Amazon Invading People’s Privacy More Than Social Media Ever Will

Following Halloween week, Trevor Timm (the executive director of FreedomofPress) received an email from the Ring, Amazon’s doorstep surveillance system. For those who don’t know why this tech is receiving so much importance is because no other system sends videos directly to the police.

Coming back to the email, which stated “If you were trick or treating, you were part of the millions of people out ringing doorbells this Halloween!”

Ring posted about the millions of videos, it has recorded about the kids trick or treating their neighbors, friends or family. Amazon was thinking of getting a pat on the back along with praise for their job on the front page of the newspaper. People were actually disturbed as soon as this news got out.

According to Timm, Amazon is aware of what you are buying, browsing, doing and much more. And this is what makes it one of the biggest threats to American’s privacy.

Many people buy Ring considering it is just a surveillance system but it is not. It is a spy that has partnered with law enforcement agencies, hence, providing them people’s surveillance footage without any warrant. It is practiced in several law enforcement agencies in about 400 towns and cities.

Photo: Ring

This is not enough privacy invasion, which is why Amazon even coaches police to get more footage of users without their consent by just a little bit of legal work. You might not know, but if you have signed up for Ring then you are being watched by uncountable strangers.

More than 30 civil rights organizations have forced Amazon to end their partnership with the police; however, there is no response by Amazon.

Police are not it, these footages are also accessible by the contract workers in Romania and India to better train their AI.

This is not the first privacy controversy on Amazon, Alexa was also criticized for listening snippets of recordings. Even though Amazon has insisted on making privacy their priority but it seems nothing more than a joke.

Police have access to the secret access recordings from Alexa, they can check snippets of private conversation, and much more without any warrant. This is what privacy is to Amazon!

Amazon has a clear vision of invading everyone’s personal life through their new and advanced technologies including Alexa, Rekognition, Ring, and others.

Rekognition is a face recognition software by Amazon, which can turn into a real nightmare for people. It can lead to misinterpreting a person, catching the wrong guy and whatnot.

Police can get access to the facial recognition software that can result in causing a lot of damage in many ways.

Where Facebook’s privacy is questioned every day, there is no one to call out the real culprit that is openly invading people’s private life. It’s time for the policymakers to take action against Amazon before they give out every piece of information to the third-parties without any reason.

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